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Bach's Cactus Nursery

Cacti and Succulents in Tucson, Arizona

At Bach's Greenhouse Cactus Nursery, we grow cactus and succulents of all types. Our nursery of over 10 acres is filled with beautiful plants and our pincushion exhibit is open for customers to enjoy. We also offer a beautiful selection of pottery that are available in many colors and designs for guests to choose from. When you visit our nursery, you can be sure to find the desert plant you're looking for.

Our large selection of cactus and succulents include:

  • Adeniums
  • Agaves
  • Aloes
  • Columnar Cacti
  • Golden Barrels
  • Hedgehogs
  • Prickly Pears
  • Pincushions
  • Succulents
  • Yuccas
If you need additional information call us at 520-744-3333 or visit our nursery in Tucson, Arizona.
Cactus  — Cactus, Tucson, AZ
Cactus Garden  — Cactus, Tucson, AZ
Different kind of cactus — Cactus, Tucson, AZ
Cactus in a pot — Cactus, Tucson, AZ
Pots — Cactus, Tucson, AZ
Photo Credit: Succulents And More